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Month of October

With the existence of 12 months in a year, October is considered as one of the most prominent amongst them. This is because it contains a good number of festivities, happy events, and other occasions too! In this write-up, you are going to get in-depth information about this significant month. Read on further...

About October:

October is marked as the tenth month of the year. Out of the seven months having a span of 31 days, this is the sixth one! The northern hemisphere attains chilly weather and is filled up with falling leaves during October.

On the other hand, the Southern Hemisphere However, in the old Romulus calendar, October is mentioned in the eighth position. But, when January and February were added on to the calendar, it was pushed to 10th position. The word October is derived from the Latin word Okto that means right. It also hails from a Greek word namely Okto!

The story behind October becoming the 10th month:

There exists a very interesting story behind this month being considered as the tenth month of the year. Since its existence, it has been known as the eighth month but later, on the position was changed.

During the time when it had the 8th position, January and February were not added to the calendar.

Originally, the Roman Calendar contained ten months. Later on, the moment January and February were added October became 10th month.

The list of months was expanded by Julius Caesar. It is said that this month has come up from Old French when it replaced the term Winterfylleð i.e. Winter full moon.

Public holidays during October:

As entailed and also confirmed, October has been a sheath for a good number of public holidays. In the US, there are many important days that are observed and celebrated by the people living there.

The most common one out of these is Columbus Day, Halloween Day as well as US Indigenous People’s Day. Let us know more about these two occasions in detail.

  • Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a very famous national holiday that is observed in plenty of countries belonging to the Americas. This day marks the day on which Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas.

It falls on October 12 every year. The arrival was done during the year 1492. People celebrate it as the anniversary of his arrival on this important day.

Some of the areas consider it as a public holiday and thus remain closed. The majority of the businesses and all schools remain closed. While there also exist some areas where this day is a normal working day.

The Italian- American community celebrates it with all their zeal and enthusiasm. Many large events, parades, and other church services are organized with the intention of celebrating it.

The celebration of this day is associated with plenty of myths and is thus, controversial. The Columbus Day celebration originated from San Francisco during the year 1869. It was during 1937 when this day started being observed as a public holiday in the US.

  • Halloween Day

Halloween Day is a kind of a celebration that is very commonly known even by the kids nowadays! Presently, it is observed in many countries during the All Hallows’ Day’s feast day. It falls on 31st October every year and is commonly observed for three days.

It is done with the intention of warding off the ghosts! Its origination has been done with the Samhain that is the ancient festival of Celtic. People wear costumes and also burn bonfire during this day.

Apart from that, other activities are facilitated during Halloween and these include carving jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, donning costumes and gatherings.

In the beginning, Halloween’s celebration was quite limited and thus, it was only celebrated in colonial New England. Later on, it expanded and spread its wings into America.

  • US Indigenous People’s Day

This festival is observed as a holiday so that it could honor the Native Americans and also pay homage to their culture. There are many names with which this festival is called. These include First People’s Day, National Indigenous Peoples Day, Indian Day (Brazil) and also the Native American Day.

It falls on every second Monday of October and also it was once celebrated on the same day of Columbus Day. This day was first held in South Dakota in 1989. Many activities are held during this event and these include different performances of dancing, singing and socializing with the people.

Some regions of California celebrate it through varied awareness-raising activities. In these, they inform the people about the beautiful culture and history belonging to Native Americans.

Fun facts about October:

October has many facts which you won’t be aware of till now. Here are a few of them. Have a look:

  • October has been referred to as the second Autumn month.
  • Every year, October experiences the presence of the National Fire Prevention Week on October 9.
  • It is during the month of October when leaves start changing their colors.
  • October observes many health days. Thus, it has been considered as the national month for health awareness. These are Breast Cancer, healthy lungs, Blindness, etc.
  • The very renowned October Revolution was done during November according to the Gregorian Calendar. However, at that time this calendar was not followed by the Russians.
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October has been a very interesting month. It hails with a plethora of occasions and thus, boosts many chances for public gatherings. Apart from that, this month is also considered to be very historical since it hails with a notable history.

It is said that the people who are born in October are quite fun-loving as well as energetic too. Are you also an October born? If yes, then you must surely read the aforementioned information.

You must definitely know about your month. It belongs to you! Even if you aren’t, getting some facts about this month would be interesting. Have a happy October!

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