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Month of November

Every year is special and this is because of the prevalence of the important months in it! Each one of them has many significant events and occasions marking the importance of the year.

Out of the 12 months in a calendar, November stands as one of the most prominent ones. Here, you are going to have a look at the detailed information about November that you wouldn’t have known before.

What is November?

November is marking its existence in the yearly calendar as the 11th month. It consists of 30 days. Originally, when the Roman calendar was quite common, November was the 9th month. It was in this position until 153 BCE.

In the Gregorian calendar as well as its predecessor, November was kept in the 11th position. The name November is derived from the Latin word ‘novem’ that means nine. Such was its name because it was marked as the 9th month in the Roman calendar.

The word November is called with different names. Here are its three common names:

Middle English: Novembre

Latin: Novembris Mensis i.e. the 9th month

Old English: Blotmanad i.e. the blood month

What is the history of November month?

  • The history of November is an intriguing one since, during the earlier days, it was recognized as the 9th It had such a position in the Roman calendar and contained 30 days.
  • Later on, when January, as well as February, were added on to the calendar, November was shifted to 11th At that time, it consisted of 29 days.
  • Once again, when it was the time of Julian Calendar reform, November’s 29 days were increased to 30 days!

What are the different names of November in other languages?

November is not common with the same name in every language. Different people speaking different languages have got a new name for November.

  • Chinese- Shíyiyuè
  • French – Novembre
  • Danish – November
  • Latin - November
  • Spanish – Noviembre
  • Italian- Novembre

What are the fun facts about November?

There are many unknown facts of November which you wouldn’t have come across till now. You are going to get amazed after knowing them. Have a look at some of these fun facts below:

  • November is considered to be Fall season’s last month.
  • The month of November in the Northern Hemisphere is quite similar to that of May in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • In the US, a good number of people watch American Football extensively during November.
  • The ancient Saxons used to consider November as the ‘Blood Month’. This is because it was during this month when they used to sacrifice the animals for gods.
  • You won’t be able to spot even a single mention of November month in Shakespeare’s plays!
  • The second week of November observes National Split Pea Soup Week.
  • The USA considers November as the National Pomegranate Month.
  • The month of November has been tagging along with two designations. These are the National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month.

What are the different public holidays in November?

November is a month having a good number of historical days as well as other fun events. However, the most important as well as vastly celebrated occasions in the US are All Saints Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day. Let us know about them in detail below:

  • All Saints Day:

All Saints Day is celebrated worldwide, especially in the U.S. every year on 1st November. It is a highly holy day of the Catholic Church! It is meant to pay homage to the saints who have attained heaven.

One must not mix and confuse it with the All Souls’ Day that falls on November 2. The members belonging to the Eastern Orthodox Church commemorate the All Saints’ Day.

  • Veterans Day:

Veterans Day is considered to be a very important day and it falls on November 11. This day observed with the intention of paying respect to the veterans who have served the US Army.

The people in the U.S. stand unitedly in order to pay homage to their veterans. There are many parades and speeches done at the Arlington National Cemetery. Apart from that, many institutions and offices are closed since all the people are engaged in participating in Veteran Day ceremonies.

  • Thanksgiving Day:

During Thanksgiving Day, people celebrate blessings as well as other harvests that occurred during the previous year. It is commenced on every fourth Thursday of November.

There are both secular as well as religious aspects associated with this harvest festival. Thanksgiving Day in Canada and the one in the USA are quite different from one another. It is said that the highest food consumption for the whole year is done during Thanksgiving Day.

What are the historical events in November?

  • On 6th November 1429 Henry VI was decided to be the King of England.
  • The Great War finally came to an end on 11th November 1918. It was done after a vigorous time period of four years and 97 days.
  • The Danish King of England i.e. Canute died on 12th November 1035.
  • It was on 20th November 1947 when Princess Elizabeth married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.
  • The first-ever newspaper of England was published on 29th November 1641.
  • The British Broadcasting finally kicked off the first regular TV service on November 2, 1936.
  • The English composer, as well as organist Henry Purcell, died on 21st November 1695.
  • The book ‘Origin of Species’ was published by Charles Darwin on 24th November 1859.
  • Britain got its first woman MP that is none other than Nancy Astor on 28th November 1919.
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November has always been a welcoming day for positivity and enjoyment too! The USA experienced a good number of transitions, the introduction of new policies and personalities during this month.

Thus, November has always been a month that has a historical story to entail. Some consider it as the tricky month since, during November, no one knows whether it’s going to be sunny or snowy. But, all that this month has always ensured is the limitless beauty and high excitement in everyone.

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