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Month of May

May 2020 Calendar can surely help you out in maintaining your daily activities. This can be done with the help of printable calendars. On starting using them, you are going to note that your daily activities are really going to get more organized and really efficient.

The most beautiful time of the year, May has always been looked upon as a very significant month. It is kept abundant surprises for the people and each happening during this month is very special. The people experience a high amount of positivity as this month starts marking its existence. There are many events and other relatable occasions which are held in May and they have been observed quite ritually everywhere.

What is May?

The Gregorian Calendar and the Julian Calendar have entailed May as the fifth month. This majorly prominent month earlier had a third position. It has 31 days in total and its name hails from the Greek Goddess Maia who is the Roman goddess of fertility. There are many other names with which the month of May is called and these are:

Old French: Mai

Latin: Mensis

Old English: Maius

The Northern Hemisphere refers this month as the spring month, whereas it is known as the autumn month in Southern Hemisphere. The plants experience a growth in their body during the month of May.

What is the history of May?

The Roman Calendar has been considered as the most prominently used calendar during the bygone era. At that time, May was placed at the third position, however the moment January and February got added on to the list, it was moved to fifth place. Later on, it finally gained the fifth position in the calendars. It is maintained as the same till now.

What are the different names of May in other languages?

You would not spot this month with the same name in other languages too. This is because each one of them has a different way of calling this month. May hails with a special name in different languages. Below mentioned are some of the names that this month has attained in distinct languages. Have a look:

  • Hungarian: május
  • Greek: Μάιος
  • Dutch: mei
  • Bulgarian: май
  • French: mai
  • German: Mai
  • Vietnamese: tháng năm
  • Italian: Maggio
  • Polish: maj
  • Spanish: mayo
  • Portuguese: maio
  • Swedish: maj
  • Turkish: mayis

The above-mentioned names are some of them, however, there are thousand other distinct identifications given to this month.

What are the fun facts about May?

While mentioning about May, you will come across much surprising information and other unknown fun facts about it. You are really going to find these ways too interesting since they are going to tell you more about this month. May has a good number of tales to entail and you shall be the listener. Here are some of the most important and amusing fun facts about May which you must definitely be aware of. Have a look:

  • May has a birthstone that is none other than the Emerald. It is said that this stone is an illustration of success as well as love. Whoever wears this shall be facilitated with love and success in his/her life.
  • The blue jeans came into existence during May 1873. A patent was released and then attained by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis on May 20th.
  • May is a month that has two most important astrology signs associated with it. These are Gemini and Taurus.
  • The very prominent birth flower of May is the Lily of the Valley.
  • It is said that May concludes and commences with the same day of the week. You would not spot any other month except May that is indulged in the same activity.
  • The ending week of May is quite renowned as the Library and Information Week.
  • The people of the US observe May as the National Smile Month.

What are the public holidays in May?

You would come across many federal holidays during May especially in the USA. However, the month experience one public holiday and that is for Memorial Day. The majority of the people observe this day with great traditions and rituals. Each one of them is indulged in the celebration of Memorial Day. This day is held on every last Monday of May. Not only in the US, but this occasion has also maintained a special place in the heart of other regions worldwide too.

Memorial Day:

During the bygone era, many people used to consider Memorial Day as Decoration Day. People celebrate it every last Monday of May with huge interest. This is held with the intention of remembering and paying homage to that military personnel who have served the US army. People thank them for their varied acts of bravery and the way they have kept the people safe from any negative external sources.

The people visit the cemeteries where the graves of these soldiers are prevalent. They place the American Flag on their graves and remember their good deeds. Apart from that, many other big parades are held in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and other destinations worldwide. Some people also wear poppy of red color. These are worn in order to remember those who have fallen during the wartime.

What are the historical events in May?

There were many events held in May during the ancient time. These have named May as a quite historically significant month. Such events are provided below. Have a glance:

  • San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge experienced its commencement on May 27th, 1937.
  • The Empire State Building came into being on May 1, 1931.
  • The identification of Rhode Island was officially done during the year 1790 on May 29.
  • South Carolina started being recognized as the identity of the 8th state on May 23, 1788.
  • Lewis and Clark together started a trip to the Missouri River on May 14, 1804.


This interesting month has many stories to tell. It’s you who need to listen to each one of them. May is literally an amusing month and the above-mentioned information signifies its importance. Get to know about this month here and gain knowledge!

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