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Month of March

The month of changes, March is considered as the first spring month in the Northern Hemisphere. Many refer to it as the month of changes since it witnesses the highest number of changes in nature. The snow on the mountains starts melting and the winter season starts transforming into spring. It is a quite lively month that is a fusion of several enjoyable events.

What is March?

March is present as the third month in a year and consists of 31 days. The month has been named after Mars i.e. the Roman God of War in the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Europe used to consider March as the commencement for New Year. The Southern Hemisphere considers this month as the one that’s quite similar to September. Despite the New Year being held on January 1st every year, there still exist many regions that are indulged in celebrating it in March.

As called in the language of Middle English, Latin and Old English, March is called:

Middle English: March or Marche

Old English: Martius

Latin Name: Martius mensis

What is the history of March?

  • Originally, March served as the first month of a year. This was showcased in the older Roman Calendars. It attained such a position due to its association with spring’s very first day.
  • This month experiences the March equinox that falls on 19th, 20th, and 21st March. Apart from that, March was also an illustration of the resuming of war long after the winter months.
  • The position of the first month of the year was later presented to January during 700 BCE.

What is March called in other languages?

March is called with different names in different languages. Some of them are as follows:  

  • French: Mars
  • Maltese: Marzu
  • Portuguese: Marcha
  • Romanian: Martie
  • Swedish: Mars

What are the fun facts about March?

March has been associated with innumerable facts! Below mentioned are some of the most interesting things about March. You wouldn’t have known them till now. Have a look:

  • March stands as the sole unique month that consists of three consecutive consonants in its spelling.
  • As the old proverb is prominent i.e. ‘’March comes in like a lion, and goes out like lamb’’. It stands true in this case. The proverb is referred to as the conclusion of wintertime and commencement of the spring.
  • A good number of renowned celebrities and other personalities are born in March. These include Daniel Craig, actress Jessica Biel, basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, Albert Einstein, Grammy winner Elton John, Lady Gaga and many others.
  • The stones associated with the month of March exemplify courage. These are named as Aquamarine and the bloodstone.
  • Many animals start waking up from hibernation during March.
  • March, as well as June, are known to be the months which end with the same day!
  • The spring’s first month kicks off from 19th-21st March.
  • March is considered to be the finest month for Basketball.

What are the important occasions observed in March?

There is a whole array of special events that are observed in March in the US. With their prevalence, the students and other locals here grab a chance to enjoy their time. The arrangements and other relatable plans about these occasions are planned well in advance by them well in advance.

Here are some of the most important events in March:

Employee Appreciation Day:

As the name suggests, the Employee Appreciation Day gives a chance to the bosses appreciate their employees for the work they perform. They thank and reward them for the commendable activities completed by the employees.

It falls every first Friday of March. It is referred to as a thank you day for the whole staff so you can’t take it as a public holiday. The way of celebrating this day depends upon the bosses. Some of them throw small or big parties while others take the whole staff out for lunch, dinner, movies or games!

International Women’s Day:

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March for remembering those women who suffered a lot during 1917 at Soviet Russia. Since that day, the International Women’s Day started being observed as a national holiday in the US. However, this festivity is not just limited to a single region or country, instead, it is celebrated worldwide.

It is entailed that a good number of men and women all across the globe have started treating equality since this event’s inception. This day is celebrated with huge zeal and enthusiasm making the women realize how important they are and also, they’re no less than a man.

Saint Patrick’s Day:

It is a global celebration that hails with Irish culture and marks its existence on 17th March. This day is observed with an intention of remembering as well as paying homage to Ireland’s patron Saint St Patrick. It is quite important because St. Patrick is referred amongst the greatest and very respected patron saints of Ireland.

He was laid to rest on 17th March 1943. The reason that made him so prominent in Ireland was that he helped this destination get rid of snakes. During the Saint Patrick’s Day, a feast is held in the Catholic Church. The majority of the people wear green and this is because of the Irish flag’s green color.

Cesar Chavez Day:

Many regions in the US celebrate Cesar Chavez Day. This day is observed on 31st March every year. A total of 9 states consider it to be a public holiday. The Cesar Chavez Day marks the birthday of Cesar Estrada Chavez. He has always been appreciated for his work towards human dignity and social justice too.

Some countries which celebrate this day with full zeal and enthusiasm are Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Nebraska, and others. During this time, many community leaders intend to communicate with their public about Chavez.


March is an interesting month and you might have got to know that after having a look at the above-mentioned information. This is a month full of changes as well as many events and festivals too! March comprises of some great celebrations and you must be aware of them. Enjoy this month and see the positivity entering your life.

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