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Month of July

The month of July is considered to be an awareness month in many regions worldwide. Some refer it as the Eye Injury Prevention Month, while others call it the UV Safety Month. During this month, the summertime keeps a partial hold on many countries. The average temperature of this time period ranges above 70°F. It is quite helpful in providing the routine activities as well as maintains an efficiency in the way you perform. You can very easily attain such consistency with the help of July 2020 printable calendars. Download them free of cost and follow a proper schedule. Get to know more about July in this write-up!

What is July?

Lying between June and August, July is the seventh month of the year in both Roman as well as Gregorian Calendars. There are many months in the year which are hailing with 31 days and July is the fourth one out of them. July was given such a name by the Roman Senate since it has been the birth month of Julius Caesar. Previously it was given the name of Quintilis (a word in Latin) and had a fifth place in the Roman Calendar.

The Northern Hemisphere considers the month of July as the warmest month whereas the Southern Hemisphere refers it as the coldest month. The birth flowers of July are Water Lily or Larkspur. Mentioning about the birthstone for July, it is none other than the Ruby that is an apt illustration of contentment.

What is the history of July?

Here is the brief information about July’s engaging history:

  • In the bygone era, July was named as Quintilis and was the fifth month of the year in the Roman Calendar.
  • During 450 BCE, July started being referred as the seventh month when January and February were added to the calendar.
  • With an intention of honouring Julius Caesar, its name got changed at the time of Julian calendar reform.

What is July called in other languages?

Different languages call July with distinct names and each one of them is quite different from one another. These are mentioned below:

  • Turkish: Temmuz
  • Latin: lulii
  • Esperanto: julio
  • Indonesian: Juli
  • German: Juli
  • Estonian: juuli
  • Dutch: Juli

What are the fun facts about July?

The interesting month of July has a lot of interesting facts associated with him. These are as follows:

  • It was until the 18th century that the English subject laid much emphasis on the first syllable. This word used to rhyme extensively with truly or duly.
  • There is no other month except July that concludes on the same day of the week. This is not a case with the leap year.
  • According to a survey, Julius has been counted amongst the top 500 names given to the newborn babies (boys).
  • Amongst all the presidents of US, seven of them died in the month of July.
  • America considers July as the Baked Beans Month, Ice Cream Month, Hot Dog Month as well as the Blueberries Month.
  • Sometimes, people call it as the Hay Month since it is the time when green grass dries up due to lesser rain.

What are the public holidays in July?

July acts as a sheath to plenty of occasions and events, some big and some small. However, the most important out of these is none other than the Independence Day. The Independence Day is celebrated on 4th of July and is extensively celebrated all across the USA. Let us know more about the Independence Day below:

Independence Day:

It was during the year 1776 on 4th July when the USA finally declared that it has been liberated from England. It is observed on every fourth of July and just in case it falls during a weekend, then Friday or Monday would be an off. This occasion is renowned as the federal holiday in the USA and thus, schools, universities as well as offices are closed. Also, as notified there wouldn’t be any facilitation of mail deliveries during the Independence Day.

It is the most perfect day for getting indulged in the parties, barbecues as well as the heart stealing fireworks. The American Calendar has declared it as the most significant and renowned national holiday in the whole year. The people today hail with an expression of notable patriotic pride. The White house exhibits its own set of fireworks and people in the USA play baseball games and go for picnics with their friends and families.  

Apart from the Independence Day in the USA, there are many other days observed here. But they are not considered to be the federal holidays. Some of them are the National U.S. Postage Stamp Day, National Youth Day, Canada Day, World UFO Day, World Zoonoses Day, World Population Day, National Simplicity Day, International Nelson Mandela Day and many other interesting events.

What are the historical events on July?

Below mentioned is a whole list of some of the most significant historical events which happened in July. Have a look:

  • The USA attained its first British Ambassador on 5th July, 1791 and he was George Hammond.
  • The selling of alcohol was banned for those who are under 18 years by the British Parliament. This law was passed on 13th July, 1923.
  • The National Interstate and Defense Highways Act was passed by Congress on 1st July, 1956.
  • The bombing raids were commenced by the Germans against the Great Britain on 10th July, 1940.
  • The insulin was introduced on 19th July, 1923.


The month of July is quite important month especially for the USA since it has got the Independence Day on its list. Apart from that, there are many wacky holidays which are observed during July. Get your schedule back on track and mark the important dates on your July 2020 printable calendars. This blank calendar will never let you forget any of the unimportant events. Also, it would also make sure that you aren’t missing out anything.

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