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December is the happiest month of the whole year! The Christmas Day brings in all the positive vibes as well as a delightful aura with it during this month. Not only this, there are many other events held in December, which are observed by a huge chunk of the population. Here in this article, you are going to gain some more and unheard information about December. Have a glance!

What is December?

The twelfth month of every year, December consists of 31 days. During the earlier time, when the Roman calendar was underuse, this month existed in the tenth position. This was until 153 BCE. It is the last month of the year and its name is derived from the Latin word ‘decem’. This means ten and due to the same reason, it had a tenth position in the Roman Calendar. This name was given to December when the year used to start from March instead of January. Later on, when January and February got introduced, December started being considered as the 12th month.

This month is accompanied by different names in Middle English, Old English as well as Latin.

Middle English: Decembre

Latin name: December- tenth month

Old English: Geol- monap- month before yule

What is the history of December?

  • During the days when people used to follow the Roman Calendar, December was last month!
  • At that time, the winter period wasn’t associated with any of the prevalent months on the calendar.
  • December had 30 days in that era and later, these days were lessened to 29 days when January and February were added to the calendar. This happened for 700 BCE.
  • When the Julian Calendar reform took place, December got two more days making it a month of 31 days.

What are the different names of December in other languages?

December is called with different names in different languages.
Each one of them is quite unique and different as compared to the others. Below
are the different names of December in other languages. Read on…

  • Albanian: dhjetor
  • French: décembre
  • Italian: dicembre
  • Polish: grudzień
  • Spanish: Diciembre
  • Norwegian: desember
  • Irish: Nollaig
  • Welsh: Rhagfyr
  • German: Dezember
  • Dutch: December

What are the fun facts about December?

December is a month that is hailing with many interesting facts. The majority of them would surely be unknown to you! Below mentioned are some of the fun facts about December:

  • According to an almanac prediction, it is said that Christmas Day will experience snowfall whereas Easter is going to be warm and sunny too!
  • The Poinsettia Day falls on December 12th.
  • Saint Nickolas who is known to be the face behind Santa Claus is known to be the saint of thieves and pawnbrokers too!
  • Germany is considered as the first destination to have its own artificial Christmas tree. It was made with the help of goose feathers which were dyed in green color.
  • If you have seen any spider or spider webs, it is entailed as good luck during the Christmas Day.
  • The very famous Christmas song ‘Jingle Bells’ was originally meant for the Thanksgiving Day. It was composed during the year 1857.
  • The different decorations were done on a Christmas hail with a meaning. The star that is placed on Christmas tree’s top shows the first Christmas night. Also, the candles represent the light of the world.
  • According to an old legend, it is said that during Christmas Eve, forest animals are able to communicate in the human language.
  • Many people consider December 28th as the unluckiest day in the whole year.

What are the different public holidays in December?

There are many happy events occurring during December and the most important and highly exciting out of them is Christmas Day. This is a very beautiful and bright festival in which not only the elders but the kids participate very actively! Christmas Day is considered very auspicious and is thus, it has been quite an important festivity of December. Get to know about this occasion below:

Christmas Day: Christmas Day is the public holiday observed all across the globe. It is celebrated every year on 25th December with huge fervour and inculcates much positivity! The day symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. The majority of the businesses and all the schools worldwide are closed during Christmas Day. The preparations for Christmas Day start two to three weeks before and it is celebrated for three days. These are:

  • 24th
    December: Christmas Eve
  • 25th
    December: Christmas Day
  • 26th
    December: Boxing Day

People meet and greet each other, have meals together and also, they share many colorful presents. Also, the majority of the people decorate their homes with a Christmas Tree. The kids are given gifts and they are told that the mythical Santa Claus has left these for them. The whole world is enlightened as the Christmas Day starts marking its presence in December.

What are the historical events in December?

December is not only a month is important due to it being a festive one! Instead, it is also connected with an intriguing history that makes it historically significant. Here are some of the historical events which gained a space this month:

December 1, 1135: This day marks the death of England’s King Henry I.

December 3, 1989: During this time, the cold war finally came to an end.

December 5, 1905: Charing Cross Railway’s roof in London fell down. It took the lives of five people.

December 10, 1901: The first Nobel Prizes came into existence and they were awarded to the personalities. Each one of them costs $30,000 each at that time.

December 28, 1918: The first General Elections were held in Britain. This was the first time in which women were allowed to vote. Its results came out this day that declared David Lloyd George as Prime Minister.

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December has been an interesting as well as historical month of the year. While having a look at the above-mentioned information, you might have by now known the detailed information about December! No need for you to get awestruck on knowing such facts, December in itself is amazing!

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