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Month of April

April has been the month of autumn as well as spring. You are going to get awestruck on knowing that this month was considered as the second one in the Roman calendars. However, it later started being known as the fourth month.

You will be witnessing many festivals and eventful parades during April and thus, it is a quite famous month! Here, you will get to know more about this month in a detailed manner.

It is also a month that would be best to manage your time. This can be done with the help of April 2020 calendars. Just note down your daily routine and keep a track of all your activities. Download the printable calendar in April 2020 for free, use it and then see the difference in your daily activities.

What is April?

April has 30 days and is the fourth month of the year. It is a way too lively month and acts as a sheath to various events. Its name has been derived from the Latin word that means ‘to open’ i.e. bud. This is because the plants commence blooming during the month of April. This surprise month has a good number of things to offer. Beautiful endings, rebirth and fresh beginning, this period has a lot to offer.

What is the history of April?

  • During the initial years, April was referred to as the second month of the year in the Roman Calendar.
  • However, later on, when January and February were added, it became the fourth month of the year.
  • These were added during 700 BC.
  • Apart from the month’s meaning that is ‘to open’, some people have also considered its name as the one that comes from Aphrodite. She is a Greek goddess.

What is April called in other languages?

You won’t just see every person calling this month with the same name. This is because it has been called with different names in different languages. Some of them are mentioned here. Have a look:

  • Chinese: sìyuè
  • Spanish: Abril
  • Latin: Aprilis
  • Danish: April
  • French: Avril
  • Italian: Aprile
  • German: April
  • Portuguese: Abril
  • Romanian: Aprilie

What are the different occasions during April?

April is known to be the month that has the most perfect weather. You can very easily enjoy and chill during this month. However, it is a confusing month too! It’s way too unpredictable. This is because one day you’ll witness the bright sun while the other day you will see rain.

Symbolizing this month is the two very prominent flowers. These are none other than Daisy and Sweet Pea. If you are planning to be a part of the varied events held during April, do not forget to mark them on your April 2020 blank calendar.

Below are the most famous as well as important events during this month:

  • April Fool Day:

This is not a national holiday but is enjoyably celebrated as well as followed by a huge chunk of the population. You can also consider it as All Fools’ Day as considered by the people of the US. The lovers of pranks would really enjoy this day. The people make themselves a part of many practical jokes, they fool their friends and other people and play pranks with them.

  • Easter:

This festival is a majorly known Christian holiday. It is a symbol of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The Friday that is held before the occasion of Easter is considered to be the Good Friday. Presently, this day is celebrated on Sunday. Thus, its date hasn’t been fixed till now.

However, there has been a date bracket set up for this occasion and that is somewhere between March 22nd– April 25th. The people visit the churches nearby and pay homage to Jesus Christ. They have meals and spend time with each other.

  • Good Friday:

The history of Good Friday hails back to around 4th by Egeria. It is considered to be the death anniversary of Jesus Christ. Its name has been derived from ‘God’s Friday’. During this day, people are indulged in attending the churches whether near or far!

However, on comparing it with the Easter day, the churches are lesser crowded during Good Friday. People indulge in reunions and offer the tasty hot cross buns to them. Not only this, there are many other meals which they consume during Good Friday and they include the baked pollock, Killybegs fish pie, orzo vegetable soup, etc.

What are the fun facts about April?

April is an amusing month and it is undoubtedly full of surprises. You would never ever get bored during this month since it is full of many events and other occasions. There are many facts related to it. They are quite interesting and so, you would enjoy reading them. Have a glance at few of them below:

  • April is known to be the second month of spring. It is during this month when activities like planning and spring cleaning are witnessed.
  • Just like October in the Northern Hemisphere, April is the same in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • April was known to be a month that was sacred to the Venus goddess in ancient Rome.
  • The US experiences the commencement of the ‘Professional Baseball Season’ during April.
  • It is on April 1st when the Japanese Fiscal Year starts.
  • When the cuckoo bird arrives in England during April, it indicates the spring season. These lead to the beginning of many Cuckoo festivals there.
  • April comes across the Boston Marathon during April.


With the plethora of holidaying options prevalent in April, it has already become a favorite month of many! Are you ready to experience a positive change during April 2020? If yes, then wait no more and get your April printable calendar ready!

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