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Wishcalendar aim to provide free printable calendars and templates. All calendars and templates available here are free for personal use only.

Despite having 24 hours in a day, shortage or lack of time is a common problem faced by most of us. Hence printable calendars are a great help when scheduling our much-sought undertakings because writing notes on a paper helps us to remind things for a longer duration.

Whether it's about scheduling office meetings, personal meetings, events, holidays or even daily household chores a simple printable calendar placed in your sight gives a fair overview of your pending activities.

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  • The calendar you access from www.wishcalendar.com is free but not allowed to produce again on the internet or physically.
  • You hereby agree that while you download the calendar from www.wichcalendar.com could be used legally for personal use only. Calendars downloaded from this site, not to be used for any illicit purpose.
  • Content available on this site are only for general information purposes or use. Hence the data available here ought not to be relied upon in making or abstaining from any decision.
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